Fairway America Fund VII, LP

 Darris Cassidy, Managing Director

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Who we are:

Fairway America is recognized as the nation's leading authority in the United States in the specialized field of small balance real estate (“SBRE”) asset based pooled investment funds.

This market positioning provides the Fund with extensive investment opportunities on an ongoing basis. Fairway has also been a leading player in private money commercial real estate lending in the Pacific NW for over 20 years and has created and managed six previous real estate asset based pooled investment funds.


The Fund is owned by investors who purchase equity interests (“Units”) in the Fund (the “Limited Partners” or “LPs”).  LPs own 100% of the Fund, each in a percentage equal to their outstanding Units divided by the total Units outstanding. There are three classes of Units available for LPs that are identical with the exception of the percentage of Excess Distributable Cash (“EDC”) each class shares with the Fund’s manager (“GP”), as shown below:


For More Information or to Schedule a Confidential Discussion:
Darris Cassidy, Managing Director | Phone: 503.906.9109 | E-mail: darris.cassidy@fairwayamerica.com
Fairway America Fund VII, LP Presentation


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